Vision, Mission, Values

Every organization, team, or person has a center that either fuels or limits your potential.  We help make sure your center is there to lift you up rather than hold you back.

At Centered, our passion is to partner with creative and resourceful people to create dynamic and thriving workplaces where everyone grows and excels.  Success is when organizations are able to build cultures that prioritize fulfillment, growth, and continuous improvement knowing that these are the qualities that drive meaningful change and dramatic business results.

We are your partner, helping to create the heart at the center of your organization.  By working with you to align culture, leadership, and ways of working with tailored, principle bases solutions we will create a more fulfilling, engaging, and productive space your people won't want to leave.  We believe the best way to accomplish this is by bringing the right people together in collaborative spaces to leverage the collective wisdom of your people to find the solutions right for you.

Transformation is HARD

We've been in the transformation business for decades, and it's rough.  McKinsey posted statistics showing that 70% of transformations fail outright, 22% break even, and 8% show real improvement

Only 8% of transformations succeed

For a while we didn't do much better than that, but we found when we spent time with leaders coaching, working to define and measure culture, and building empowered and fulfilled teams success rates climbed and meaningful change took hold.

The Centered difference is our human-centered approach to transformation that drives success at all levels of your organization.

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The Values that Drive Us


We prioritize the well-being and fulfillment of people, knowing this is the foundation for success with our people, customers, and business. 


Empowered people to drive change.  Empowering leaders with the tools and skills necessary for sustained success.  Empowering people through autonomy and mastery.


We embrace creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking approaches to develop unique solutions to solve your unique problems.


The best solutions come from the people closest to the problem working together.  We create safe environments that bring out the best in your people and leaders.


We operate with honesty and transparency in all our interactions, ensuring trust and respect form the foundation of our relationships.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service, continually striving for excellence in everything we do.


We are flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring our solutions remain relevant and effective.


We are passionate about helping ambitious organizations and their people achieve dramatic improvements, driven by our genuine desire to make a positive impact.

We have what it takes to

Make a Difference

Our partners and collaborators agree, Centered has what it takes to make a difference and drive true, meaningful change.

Without a doubt, Centered my go-to partner whenever the need arises to catalyze change, align teams with a vision, and achieve swift results.

Head of Strategy and Communications
Abby (Javurek) Andres

When is comes to understanding and implementing Agile practices, Centered is the most knowledgeable and capable partner I've ever worked with. They understand the human complexities involved with building a great practice of communication and collaboration

Lead Cloud Engineer
Tom Cudd

I valued Centered’s coaching so much that I would send my high potential team members to them for assistance with their own career journeys.

Managing Director, Technology
Gabby Spurling

Starting from a place of deep empathy, Centered provides practical frameworks to approach challenging situations.

Sr. Vice President
Christina Lu
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40 years combined organizational transformation, Lean/Agile, and coaching experience working with some of the biggest companies out there is hard to beat and we can be working for you!

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