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Centered makes workshops come to Life

We utilize human-centered and engaging approaches that encourage a high-level of participation, deep understanding of the problem to be solved, and innovative solutions to those problems.

Workshop Pillars

Product Planning

Our human-centered approach helps teams refine their problem statement, define success, and build a product backlog and/or roadmap that drives results in a fraction of the time.

Culture Frameworks

We partner with your organization and leadership team to define your values in an actionable and measurable approach that makes culture change a science rather than a hope.

Organizational Structure

Our broad Lean and Agile background will help you plan your ideal future structure and a clear path to get you there.

Popular Workshops

While we have a tried and true approach to each of our workshops we leave lots of room to tailor them to your needs and organization.  Contact us below to learn more.

Rapid Start Ideation

In a compact, single-day, we'll guide your team through clarifying the problem, measuring success, and sketching out amazing new ideas.

Behavioral Frameworks

With a cross-discipline group of leaders, we'll identify a desired culture and craft a measurement rubric that guides your journey.
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Custom Workshops

We strive to tailor every workshop to the needs and context of our clients. To be sure we can exceed your expectations, we need a little more information!

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We'd love to partner with you to bring some human-centered collaboration to your team!


Learn more about our workshops

Every workshop is different, so we understand why these FAQs may not answer all of your questions. Feel free to schedule a chat below and see how we could tailor a workshop for your specific needs.

Absolutely. We tailor our approach to the needs of the team. While there are natural benefits to in-person workshops, we've found approaches and tools that mitigate many obstacles for remote workshops.

Yes! While we do remote workshops, our favorite is in-person workshops. There are so many activities and approaches for in-person workshops that make them fun and engaging.

Yes. We really enjoy the basic approaches of the Google Design Sprint. While each workshop is tailored, we borrow many things from Design Sprints.

It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The larger and more unknown the problem or solution is, the longer the workshop. We often facilitate short workshops from 2-4 hours, but we've also run workshops that were re-envisioning the complete customer experience for a Fortune 1000 company. That turned into a series of workshops lasting 12 weeks.

We've found that about 8 people in a workshop is a good balance between getting enough diverse perspectives and few enough people that decisions can be made. When there are more people, we normally recommend splitting into concurrent groups. We have done workshops with over 100 people involving several facilitators.

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We've got the RAVE reviews

We've worked with tech, marketing, and product companies around the world to help them define products, build culture, and envision their future.  It's time we worked with you!

 Centered's thoughtful and well-planned approach to the workshops ensured that we were able to make the most of our time together and that everyone had a chance to contribute their ideas and insights.
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Sr. Director, eCommerce & Digital Marketing
Chadwick Andrews

Without a doubt, Centered is my go-to partner whenever the need arises to catalyze change, align teams with a vision, and achieve swift results.

Head of Strategy and Communications
Abby (Javurek) Andres