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70% of transformations fail, 22% barely break even

Centered can help you be part of the wildly successful 8%

In the world of organizational transformation, only 8% are considered success.  Our human-centered approach to transformation combined with our world class coaching and workshops can tip the balance in your favor.

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The Agile Code

Marketing and IT leaders looking to transform the way they work are facing a daunting challenge.  We wrote the Agile code to provide concrete case studies, base-line lean/agile approaches, and quantifiable benefits to help leaders work in more agile ways.

Change is hard, our book helps.

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Without a doubt, Centered my go-to partner whenever the need arises to catalyze change, align teams with a vision, and achieve swift results.

Head of Strategy and Communications
Abby (Javurek) Andres

When is comes to understanding and implementing Agile practices, Centered is the most knowledgeable and capable partner I've ever worked with. They understand the human complexities involved with building a great practice of communication and collaboration

Lead Cloud Engineer
Tom Cudd

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Our transformations bring together a human-centered combination of consulting, workshops, and coaching that ensure the best of your organization can come to life.

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