Human-Centered Executive and Leadership Coaching

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Centered will take your Leadership to the next level

We help leaders find their human-centered, authentic, transformational leadership style.  Along the way we break down limiting beliefs and help establish the mindsets and behaviors that unlock potential and impact.

We partner with organizations and individuals and offer programs to meet the needs of both below.

The Impact of Coaching

Strategic Vision & Decision Making

  • Clarify Vision
  • Align Values
  • Faster Decisions
  • More  Impact
  • Better Outcomes

The fastest, best, and most impactful decisions come from leaders who are strongly aligned with their organization and themselves.

Employee Retention & Engagement

  • Happier People
  • Better Engagement
  • Improved Retention
  • Lower Hiring Costs

On average you will save $30,000 or more for each person you don't have to replace.  The reality is, your best people are your most mobile.

Organizational & Team Productivity

  • Increased Alignment
  • Clear Expectations
  • Empowered Teams
  • Simple Ways-of-Working

The best leaders are able to get more than 2x the productivity from their teams.  The best leaders can help you grow without hiring.


  • Succession Planning
  • Breaking Limiting Beliefs
  • Leveraging Strengths
  • Growing Your Team

We partner with leaders to get them ready for the next stage of their career by ensuring they have the skills, their mindset doesn't hold them back, and they have people to step in as they move up.

6 Month Corporate Coaching Programs

As part of our human-centered corporate coaching programs we will partner with your leadership and HR team to ensure our coaching delivers results tailored to your leaders and organization.

We Also have 4 month program options, contact us below to discuss.

Or $1,000 per month

Individual Leadership Coaching

­čö╣Organizational Fit & Strategy
­čö╣Leadership Circle Profile 360
­čö╣12 coaching sessions
­čö╣2 Management Check-ins
Or $2,000 per person per month
Minimum 4 Leaders

Leadership Team Coaching

­čö╣Organizational Fit & Strategy
­čö╣Leadership Circle Profile 360
­čö╣3-5 Stakeholder Interviews
­čö╣Email Support between Sessions
­čö╣12 Coaching Sessions
­čö╣3-4 Management Check-ins
­čö╣6 Group Leadership Master Classes

Individual Coaching Programs


Or $1,000 per month

3 months

Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp

­čö╣EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligence Assessment (360 or Individual)
­čö╣Assessment Debrief
­čö╣6 Coaching Sessions
3,000-$ 6,000
Or $1,250 per month
3-6 months

Custom Leadership Coaching

­čö╣Strategy Session
­čö╣360 or Individual Assessment
­čö╣Assessment Debrief
­čö╣6 coaching sessions


Centered provides these assessments to form a performance baseline for leaders specifically designed to inform critical areas of growth.  Every coaching package will start with an assessment to ensure we have the most accurate view of performance possible and can identify the most valuable opportunity areas.

Leadership Circle Profile Logo

Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

The LCP is the most comprehensive 360 leadership assessment available providing insight into your enabling or constraining behaviors.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Logo
Indv & 360

Emotional Intelligence

The EIQ assessment is a measure of your understanding of how your behavior affects those around you.  Developing your EIQ leads to better individual and team performance.

DISC assessment logo
Indv & 360


DISC provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create our DISC style

motivators assessment logo


Motivation influences behavior, decisions, and actions. Finding ways to achieve objectives that resonate and align with core motivations is vital for superior performance.

We have the experience and

We've got the RAVE reviews

We've worked with leaders around the world and across industries and organizational sizes.  In every instance we've elevated our partners leadership, impact, and potential past what they thought possible.

Centered has empowered me to lead in a manner that not only exceeds client expectations but also nurtures a culture of growth and support within my team. 

Group Director, Technology
Frank Fleschner

I valued CenteredÔÇÖs coaching so much that I would send my high potential team members to them for assistance with their own career journeys.

Managing Director, Technology
Gabby Spurling

Starting from a place of deep empathy, Centered provides practical frameworks to approach challenging situations.

Sr. Vice President
Christina Lu

We developed foundations to better understand and prioritize my own values and goals and how to better understand others.

Lt. Principle Specialist Solutions Architect
Daniel Schimpfoessl

You have question, we have answers.

Our preference is to meet virtually (individual or group) in Microsoft Teams, but we can also support other solutions such as Zoom.

Our group coaching sessions and master classes are designed to support 3-6 leaders.  This helps us ensure everyone is actively engaged and receiving the full benefit of the experience.

This will vary between leaders and even within a single engagements at times.

Typically speaking we meet 1-2 times a month for 60 minutes.  We may start out with twice a month and then fall back to once a month as things progress and a solid growth plan is established.

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