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If your culture isn't helping you attract and keep top talent, we can help you build a human-centered culture that can.

Human-centered cultures have up to 85% greater retention.


Human-centered leaders help their people unlock potential.  Unlock the multiplying behaviors your leaders need.

Human-centered leaders get 2x the productivity from their teams.


Harness the innovative super powers of your people.  Make it safe to experiment and grow.

Increase the creativity and innovation of your solutions.


Become more human-centered: better collaboration, constructive disagreement, and continuous improvement.

Become part of the 8% of effective transformations.


Sr. Director, Bushnell Outdoor Products

Chadwick Andrews

We were able to generate a wealth of new ideas and strategies for our eCommerce business, as well as identify some key areas for improvement. The collaborative and inclusive nature of the workshops made everyone feel heard and valued, and we all came away feeling energized and excited about the future.


Sr. Manager, Deloitte

Clara Luo

Centered helped me expand my perspectives, and adding in toolkits on ways to communicate, manage conflict, and most importantly bring the best out of individuals across the organization.


Managing Director of Technology, VML

Gabby Spurling

I valued Centered’s coaching so much that I would send my high potential team members to them for assistance with their own career journeys. Anyone who is looking to grow in their path as a leader would gain significant value working with Centered. 


HR Leader, GE HealthCare

Chinedu Okafor

Centered helped me introspect and think of how my values and aspirations align with my professional life. They also provided really useful tools that enabled me reflect on how to lead with authenticity. Every coaching conversation has been very insightful and enlightening. 


Lead Cloud Engineer

Tom Cudd

When is comes to understanding and implementing Agile practices, Centered is the most knowledgeable and capable partner I've ever worked with. They understand the human complexities involved with building a great practice of communication and collaboration.


Head of Strategy & Communications

Abby (Javurek) Andres

Without a doubt, Centered is my go-to partner whenever the need arises to catalyze change, align teams with a vision, and achieve swift results. They have an exceptional ability to drive business transformation.

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Marketing and IT leaders looking to transform the way they work are facing a daunting challenge.  We wrote the Agile code to provide concrete case studies, base-line lean/agile approaches, and quantifiable benefits to help leaders work in more agile ways.

Change is hard, our book helps.

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